Business Consultancy

Crystal IT and Management Services LTD provides High-End Business consultancy because of a pool of experienced persons, to all small and medium sized businesses and help them to run their program in a professional manner to suggests their action plan for future up gradation.

  • Advice on Business Planning and Startup
  • Business Planning includes guide and assistance on establishment of new business and developing existing business. It includes review goals and objectives, evaluation organizational structure, analyzing internal operations and assessing strengths and weaknesses of organization. We assist clients in preparing strategy to start new business by analyzing market and competitors, which assist in identifying barriers to entry in market.

  • Analyzing the Business, Identifying problems and Suggesting Solutions
  • Reviewing client’s goal and objectives, structure, operations, management, financial position, competitor’s strategies and industry. It Identifies problems of business and suggest solutions on short term and long term. We also monitor the progress of operations.

  • Preparing and Implementing Business Development Strategy
  • After detailed analysis of client’s organization, we devise practical development strategy. This strategy is careful designed after taking into consideration competitor’s strength and weaknesses, Industry and economic and social factors. This growth and development strategy is helpful for organizations that are running on breakeven or low profits and want to grow and develop their businesses.

  • Analysis of Business Strategy for expansion and growth
  • We help our clients to gain large portion of market share. To achieve this goal we advises clients on product and market diversification, market penetration, product development market development to boost the growth and efficiency. Growth Strategy is carefully designed to gain share in existing market and product and also in new product.