IT Management

IT Management and Security

Managing the IT resources for a company of any size is a very big task. The main key to success for this task depends on your proactive ability to work and prevent disruption before it happens. Such as effective IT management and security tools are required for the assortment of hardware and software. Currently technology development advances at a rapid speed our company guide you to safe your confidential data and business system from unexpected disruption or unauthorised access.

We provide a wide range of technologies which are applicable for different environments, compliance restrictions and budgets. Crystal IT and Management services ltd can help you to manage your internal Email system by our well trained and experienced engineer and can deploy Anti-virus and malware solutions from different vendors to protect your computer system, IT infrastructure, data and end users.

Data Loss Prevention:

With a data loss prevention solution our company helps you to discover, monitor and safe your confidential data stored across your company on servers, data storage platforms and endpoint devices. If you have any doubt to safe your unstructured data and intellectual property do not hesitate to contact our pre-sales team who give you a good advice regarding data loss prevention for your company.