Access Control

Controlling access to your building improves security for everyone while at the same time improving safety and your ability to respond effectively in emergency situations like fires. Identifying the type and level of access control you need is crucial to it being used effectively. Make your control too complex and ‘unfriendly’ and you risk frustrating visitors and staff alike. We focus on designing systems that fit around how the building is used.

The right technology for the situation

Getting a system just right can require one or two simple devices or a blend of access control technologies. It could mean that you need low-level control in some areas, with more stringent access control systems in others. We aim to design integrated systems which could combine elements such as:

  • Door control systems
  • Turnstiles
  • Biometric access control systems

Book a free no-obligation site survey

We are happy to discuss your security needs over the phone. All premises are different though, and we can give you a far more accurate assessment if one of our security technicians can speak to you in person and carry out a site survey. This service is completely free of charge.